Strategic & operational capacity of anti-corruption agencies

British Council
The majority of Nigerians consider high level corruption as being destructive for the country (Nigerian Poverty Assessment 207, Global Corruption Barometer 2010).

Nigeria ranked 134 out of 178 countries in the Transparency International Corruption Index (2010) and 63% of Nigerians reported paying a bribe for a public service over the course of a year (Global Corruption Barometer 2010).

Our work aims to increase public trust and confidence in the rule of law in anti-corruption efforts through an increase in the number of successful investigations and prosecutions. We aim to:

  • strengthen capacity in anti-corruption agencies in the areas of strategic planning, coordination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  • increase skills and capacity to manage and conduct investigations and prosecutions
  • improve the data management and analysis of cases
  • strengthen institutions so that they meet international standards of legislature and regulatory development (drafting, implementation and monitoring).

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