CCFA and Other CSOs at the Stake Holders’ Validation Workshop on the National Anti-Corruption Strategy (2017-2021) Action Plan

The National Anti-Corruption Strategy [NACS] action plan was a seminar/program organized by the Federal Ministry of Justice in partnership with the European Union [EU] and the British Council, on the 26th and 27th of March 2018, at the Bottom White Hotel in Abuja.

The targeted audience was the civil society organisations [CSOs]. The discussion cut across three sections;

  1. The overview of the Action plan; where the five pillars of the Anti-Corruption Strategy were discussed together with their objectives.
  2. The workshop; where all CSO present were broken into groups to peruse and analyse the action plan document, to add or subtract points that will be effective in bolstering the objectives of the said plan.
  3. Ways in which CSOs can be involved in implementing the NACS document.

Basically, what the seminar ought to achieve, was how to engage the society and organisations in the fight against corruption by mandating all CSOs to disseminate the information [and work plan] create awareness in all state local governments and ward levels in a cascade of events.

The five pillars driving this action plan are;

  1. Prevention of corruption
  2. Public engagement
  3. Ethical reorientation
  4. Enforcement and sanctions
  5. Recovery and management of crime

Each pillar having its own objective aimed to achieve. Different CSOs that were represented includes CCFA, NBA, NUJ, ASUU etc. just to name a few, most of who made valuable input.

At the end of the seminar, it was admitted that the media play a big role in disseminating this work plan and awareness to the entire plan so as to stand a stronger ground against corruption. Results on Anti-corruption can only be visible when the entirety of the public is engaged and not only the government. This is what this strategy hopes to also achieve.

The CSOs were also happy and ready to not just be involved, but also, to be engaged in this strategy as it is a big step towards the right direction if the public is to be sensitized in earnest and join the fight against corruption. More pictures from the event can be seen below.

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