HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Edo Uses Adult Education To Fight Human Trafficking

The Edo State Government has started resuscitating its adult and non-formal education classes across its 18 local government areas as part of measures to improve literacy among the citizenry, especially women. The essence is to encourage those who did not attend or finish school, as well as the unskilled to further their education and obtain certificates free of charge.
Apart from improving literacy, the adult education classes is also part of activities aimed at tackling human trafficking, as well as improving female education. The aim of education, among other things, is the “full development of the human personality and the sense of its dignity” and to “enable all persons to participate effectively in a free society.” This cannot be attained by exclusively sending children to school, thus education should be a lifelong process.

State authorities have said most of the thousands of girls lured abroad by international human trafficking groups were more often than not uneducated and ignorant about the dangers ahead.

Source (Daily Trust, Thurday, May 23rd, 2019.)

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