Drug Abuse: Drug Abuse, A Major Challenge Among Young Women in Northern Nigeria.

In Northen Nigeria, Drug Abuse remains a major problem among young women. a young lady simply identified as Habiba, who was seen holding a baby and a wrap of marijuana on the streets of Barnawa, Kaduna State, shared her story on how her friends introduced her to a cigarette-like stick at the age of 16.

“I did not decide to be an addict, my family were harsh to me, I was treated ill by others, I didn’t feel loved by my parents, so I started to find solace with my friends and neighbours,” Habiba said.

Habiba “said she did not like it at first but it gave her a good feeling, She was always smiling and her worries became less,”

Expressing her willingness to stop it, Habiba said, “I want to stop, I tried to stop, but each time I go a day without codeine cough syrup or weed I become sad and depressed and I feel like the world is going to end — so I continue, stopping will be very hard for me. Sometimes I feel sick but I can’t stop.”

Another woman from Kano, Rasheedah, a married woman also explained how drugs, codeine specifically, was her only recourse after her husband broke her heart by deciding to take on a second wife.

Rasheedah said “Life became horrible for her when she heard her husband’s intention to take another wife, she went to see his family to discuss what she heard, but to her surprise, his mother knew about his plans to marry a second wife. Two months after she found out about his plans to take a new wife, they got married; all the top government officials were invited. she felt betrayed beyond imagination. she decided to contact her friend one Zainab (not real name) who was taking cough syrup, she didn’t know what it was, but she tried it someday and that was how she found peace of mind.”

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