Center Joins Coalition to Demand for the Swift Passage of Whistleblower Protection Bill

Worried by the lack of legislative and comprehensive institutional frameworks for the administration of whistleblowing as an important tool for mobilizing citizens in the fight against corruption, the Center has signed into a coalition of civil society organizations that are advocating for the swift passage of the Whistleblower Protection Bill.

The position of the Coalition under the auspices of Whistleblowing Advocacy Coalition (WACO) is that the absence of whistleblowing protection legislation is endangering, and scaring willing whistleblowers, thereby hampering the smooth implementation of the government’s whistleblowing policy.

Addressing a press conference in Abuja to mark this year’s International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD), the Coalition is calling on relevant stakeholders to ensure the passage of the draft bill before the expiration of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration next year.

The Center wishes to reiterate the position of the Coalition that whistleblowing is not just a mechanism for addressing fraud and illegalities, but also a right of freedom of expression, which is a fundamental right that needs to be fully protected.

We are therefore committed, in line with our core objective of strengthening the anti-corruption environment, to seeing to the expedited passage of the bill which, according to reports is due for presentation and consideration at the Federal Executive Council for onward transmission to the National Assembly.

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