2022 IACD: Young People Mobilized, Urged to take Responsibility in the Fight Against Corruption

The 2022 Anti-Corruption Day Celebration was another reminder of the role young people can play in the fight against corruption. To mark this year’s celebration and in recognition of the need for inclusion in the fight against corruption, the Center organized “Good Governance and Organized Crime” quiz for secondary school students and youth corps members in the nation’s capital, Abuja.

The event affords the opportunity to sensitize and urge young people to support the fight against corruption by being exemplary and exhibiting the highest standard of values and moral behavior everywhere they find themselves.

The quiz was intended to create awareness and test corps members and students’ knowledge on issues of good governance, financial crime, ethics and organized crime.

Young people were unanimous on the need to join hands in the fight against corruption which has undermined societal growth and development. Among other useful suggestions, participants point to the need to address decadence at the family and community level, and the need to strengthen legal and institutional frameworks to effectively combat crimes and criminalities.

The Center is committed to sustaining this effort at sensitizing young people through advocacy and knowledge-driven programs. There must be inclusivity in the fight against corruption, and anti-corruption crusaders are enjoined to join this effort.

Say No to Corruption, Every No Counts

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