At the 9th Session of CoSP to the UNCAC, CSOs Leaders Discuss Measures to Promote Transparency and Accountability

This week at Vienna, Austria, the Center’s Executive Director, Umar Yakubu, the Sub-Saharan African representative at the Board of the UNCAC Coalition is participating in the intersessional meeting of the Conference of States Parties (CoSP) to discuss the achievements of the political declaration adopted by the special session of the United Nations General Assembly Against Corruption (UNGASS), as well as new strategies to enhance transparency and accountability in governance.

Among others, it affords another opportunity to call for sustained efforts of stakeholders to ensure the implementation of the Proceeds of Crimes Acts (POCA) that was recently signed into law in Nigeria. Global collaboration is required for success in countries’ asset recovery regimes, and there is a need to enhance the transparency and accountability of institutions to ensure that recovered assets are judiciously deployed for societal growth.

Collaboration with governments and other relevant stakeholders is also needed in the fight against money laundering. Civil Society Organizations must sustain the momentum through advocacies and strengthening the capacities of actors, especially those in the financial sectors to block loopholes.

Of equal importance in the fight against corruption is continuous international cooperation. The UNCAC Coalition has proven a fertile platform for sharing information and experiences on the best strategies in asset recovery, money laundering prohibition and prevention. The international community must be willing to facilitate more collaborations to effectively address these enemies of development.

At the Center, we remain resolute in the fight against corruption and entrenching a culture of transparency and accountability in the public service.

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