IACD 2023: Center Tasks Young Nigerians to Lead Fight Against Corruption and Organized Crime

As part of programs to commemorate this year’s United Nations International Anti-Corruption Day (#IACD2023), the Center for Fiscal Transparency and Integrity Watch (CeFTIW) has organized a program to sensitize young Nigerians (Youth Corps Members) on the impact of corruption and organized crime.

This year’s theme, which reflects on stakeholders’ journey since the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) was ratified two decades ago, and the imperative of uniting actions against the spread corruption, is an opportunity to highlight the crucial link between corruption and peace, security, and development; and how tackling these crimes requires the cooperation and involvement of each and every person and institution.

The Center’s learning and quiz program for youth corps members is one of the approaches to the conversation around countering organized crime and raising awareness against corruption, with questions drawn from the Center’s Countering Organized Crime 10 themes, viz: Financial crime, Auto theft, Grand corruption, Arms trafficking, Environmental crimes, Terrorism, Maritime crime, Cybercrime, Drug crimes and Human trafficking.

The program which also featured debate, role plays and interactions educated and promoted values that are critical for societal development. The edutainment approaches to the year’s celebration by the Center is intended to attract attention and sustain the interest of young people on issues of organized crime and the importance of integrity, transparency, and ethical behavior in our society.

Proving a valuable platform for open discussion and critical reflection on the issue of corruption in Nigeria, insightful contributions from both corps members and presenters highlighted the importance of individual responsibility, the early influences that shape our moral compass, and the need to address systemic issues such as the lack of transparency and accountability within institutions.

As the world marks another Anti-Corruption Day, we join in calling for a united and inclusive action that actively engage young people so the world can move towards a future where corruption is not tolerated and positive change is realized.

Let’s stand #UnitedAgainstCorruption

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