Transparency and Integrity Index Africa: Liberian CSO Lead Drive, Presents Assessment Methodology for 2023

In efforts to mainstream the Transparency and Integrity Index (TII) as a tool for measuring public sector transparency, and compliance with national  and international laws and commitments that promotes openness and accountability, the Center for Fiscal Transparency and Integrity Watch (CeFTIW) in partnership with the Liberia CSOs Anti-Corruption Coalition (LCACC) has presented the 2023 methodology handbook for adoption by stakeholders in Liberia.

The Center’s Executive Director, Umar Yakubu, while addressing representatives of government, civil society and media at the presentation, said that the collective expertise and dedication of both organizations led to the development of the robust and reliable assessment framework that will serve as a guide for all stakeholders involved in promoting transparency and accountability in Liberia.

Yakubu said that the methodology accurately captures the current landscape of transparency and integrity in Liberia, providing a comprehensive guide for the implementation of the index across six variables viz: website integrity, fiscal transparency, open procurement, anti-corruption, citizens engagement/responsiveness and human resources & inclusion.

He said: “This handbook outlines 6 variables, assessment and scoring criteria and most importantly the local laws and international principles that underpins the variables we would use for assessing government institutions. With this methodology, we can objectively evaluate government institutions, identify areas for improvement, and establish baselines for future progress.”

Yakubu expressed the belief that the index will serve as a catalyst for positive change, as it will empower citizens, civil society organizations, and even government organizations to work together towards creating a more transparent and accountable system; adding that the index will enable stakeholders to monitor progress, identify gaps, and take corrective measures to ensure that public institutions uphold global best practices for integrity and good governance.

Also speaking at the event, the LCACC’s National Coordinator, James Koryor said that TII Liberia was borne out of the need to strengthen existing preventive mechanisms in combating corruption in the country.

Koryor expressed concern that huge resources are deployed on prosecutions without commensurate impact in the fight against corruption. He said that the index will address the “preventive” component in the fight against corruption, as it will promote transparency and accountability while enhancing the performance of democratic institutions.

He said that the pioneer edition will be conducted from June – August 2023 and public presentation will be done mark the United Nations Day for Universal Access to Information on September 28, 2023.

Stakeholders at the presentation including representatives of government, international partners and civil society organizations, welcomed the index and pledged to support the implementation process.

The Center looks forward to expanding the index across the continent to promote a culture of transparency and integrity for sustainable development in the continent, and we are calling on development partners to support this effort.

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