Stakeholders Seminar on Whistleblowing and Legal Protection in Nigeria

Whistleblowing or the commitment of officials and employees to make public interest disclosures about alleged wrongdoing within their organisations, is crucially important to ensuring accountability and integrity in the public sector. The process will not work adequately unless there is a sound legislative framework to facilitate and protect public interest disclosures and adequate protection for witnesses.

The Center for Counter Fraud Awareness was invited as technical experts to contribute to the stakeholders seminar on ‘Whistleblowing and Legal Protection in Nigeria’ from 13 – 14 June, 2017.

The workshop introduced participants to provisions of a draft bill on whistleblower protection. The existing legal framework for whistleblowers under the Federal Ministry of Finance was also reviewed with a view to strengthening the provisions of the draft bill; and to build a national network for the passage of the bill and overall protection of whistleblowers.

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