Sensitization: CCFA Sensitization Team Accompanied by Dr. Nelson Aluya Sensitized Student At Char-Rah Prime Academy Kuchikau Masaka, Nasaraw State.

As part of our objectives on promoting awareness on fraud and other related matters, the Center for Counter Fraud Awareness (CCFA) on Thursday 25th January 2018 visited Char-rah Prime Academy Kuchikau Masaka, Nasarawa State, to sensitize students on crime and other related matters.

The program which started at about 11:00 am had in attendance Glorious Crown Academy Kuchikau Masaka, Nasarawa State another secondary school within that axis, the principal of both schools, the entire staff of CCFA and Dr. Nelson Aluya a Medical Director at the New York Extended Care Facility New Jersey United States of America and Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at Rutgers University Medical School New Jersey.

The presentation was divided into five major parts, which are the introduction of CCFA as a non-profit organization to the students, a short drama from CCFA, Short Presentation from the host institution, a lecture presented by Dr. Aluya and a lecture on crime and its consequences presented by Mr. Uket Jonah from CCFA Nigeria. The students were made to understand crime, its types and categories; punishment meted out on criminals, law enforcement agencies, and effects of criminal acts on them as individuals and the society.

The interactive session brought to their attention that heinous acts of cultism, examination malpractice, vandalism, online dating fraud, burglary, drug abuse/trafficking, rape, and others, are illegal. Engaging in these acts have grievous consequences like the destruction of families, serving of jail terms or even death.

At the end of the session at 2.00pm, questions were asked by students and teachers. It ended with a photo and interview session, see more photos from the event below.

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