REPORT: NAPTIP Director Cautions Nigerians on Visa Lottery

There are so many ways that scammers can trick you into paying them. They might pose as governmental agencies or visa experts promising you a Green Card to the U.S, which you might have been hoping to get. This can lead to you falling in their trap and becoming a victim of fraud.

A suspicious or possibly fraudulent web site: Does not have an “About Us” page. Does not publish its street address and phone number on the contact page. Asks you to pay a fee for unknown services or for services that are not required, such as attorney fees or administration fees. Guarantees that you will win. Offers a gift or free airline tickets (these are called “incentives”) if you register on the site and pay a fee. That is false if the cost of the gift is as much or more than they are asking you to pay.
Be on the alert for fake web sites.


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