REPORT: 17 Nigerians Arrested for Cyber Fraud Deported

Seventeen of the 29 Nigerians arrested last month at Ho-Area 52 for their alleged complicity in cyber fraud activities have been deported by the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS). The reputation for criminality has made it hard for Nigerians to be “accepted” abroad. Many Nigerians are serving jail terms in countries across the globe for various illegal acts. This definitely does not speak well of the country and her citizens. And the sooner we imbibe the habit of decent, lawful behavior both within and outside the nation, the better for us as individuals and as a country. Concerted efforts should be made by all well-meaning Nigerians both home and abroad to project a good image for the country which will counter the bad one created by the unscrupulous, criminal-minded few.

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