Press Release: Center to Discuss Ways to Measure Corruption to Trigger Action and Impact at #CoSP10

The Center for Fiscal Transparency and Integrity Watch (CeFTIW) will join stakeholders at 10th session of Conference of States Parties (CoSP 10) at a high-level hybrid event to discuss challenges and share initiatives for measuring corruption, with an emphasis on the use of scientific data to spur action, strengthen anti-corruption efforts, and comprehend the effects of such initiatives in order to develop better policies.

The high-level event on the sideline of CoSP 10, aims to trigger international cooperation and inspire concrete actions to address corruption on a global scale. It will hold on the 12th of December, 2023 by 1.30PM EST (7.30 WAT), and it’s organized by the Center, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia, Center for International Private Enterprise, International Sociological Association; with Ghana, Mexico, OECD, UNDP, UNODC, and World Bank as co-organizers.

Corruption measurement which is highlighted in Article 61 of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) is an important tool in the global efforts to combat corruption. The Article mandates Member States to “consider analyzing, in consultation with experts, trends in corruption in their territory, as well as the circumstances in which corruption offences are committed.”

At CoSP 10, the Center will be sharing with global community how the Transparency and Integrity Index (TII), a homegrown assessment that measures compliance with laws on open governance and accountability has aided proactive disclosure among public institutions. The TII was developed in line with Article 61 of the UNCAC as a corruption monitoring tool, and has been effective in measuring government’s commitment to the fight against corruption, as well as trigger a culture of transparency in the public service.

The TII uses technology and leverage data analytics tools to analyze disclosure of information by public institutions across six variables viz: website integrity, fiscal transparency, open procurement, anti-corruption, citizens engagement, and human resources & inclusion.

As the Sub-Saharan African representative at the Board of the UNCAC Coalition, a global civil society network promoting the implementation of the UNCAC, our intervention at the panel will also afford an opportunity to share lessons from efforts to mainstream the TII as a tool for measuring public sector transparency in Africa.

As world leaders meet to review global efforts at CoSP 10, coinciding with the celebration of UNCAC @20, corruption, unfortunately remains one of the most pervasive challenges to sustainable development. The Center believes that COSP 10 provides a unique opportunity for the global community to learn and harmonize corruption measuring approaches, and commit to tangible actions against corruption.

We invite media representatives, delegates, and stakeholders to attend this session and engage in a collaborative dialogue on how we can collectively tackle corruption for a more just and sustainable world.

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