Kenya: Govt Hunts for Cash Launderers

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Kenya was on the high-risk money laundering destination list until last year.
Interim Director Asset Recovery Muthoni Kimani said Kenya was removed from the list in 2014, after she met the general requirements and standards of anti-money laundering.
Kimani made the revelations as she warned lawyers to be cautious to avoid being used by their clients for money laundering or terrorism financing.
She said lawyers must be equipped with knowledge to detect anything criminal about financial dealings. “The legal profession therefore have an obligation in ensuring that their services are not used for criminal purposes or compromising the security and stability of the nation,” she said in a brief seen by the Star.
The Kenyan Task Force on Asset Recovery members are drawn from the the National Intelligence Service, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, National Police Service, Financial Reporting Centre and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.
Also part of the team are the Kenya Revenue Authority, Kenya Wildlife Services and Immigration Department. The multi-agency team was the brain behind the freezing of assets of NYS scandal architect Ben Gethi.
However, the Anti-Money Laundering Advisory Board comprises the Attorney General, the Central Bank Governor, Inspector General of Police, Chairman of Kenya Bankers Association and the CEO of ICPAK.
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