ILLIGAL IMMIGRATION: 29,723 Nigerian Immigrants in the U.S. ‘Overstayed’ in 2018

According to the US Department of Homeland Security, an estimated 29,723 Nigerian immigrants living in the United States overstayed their U.S. non-immigrant tourism/business (B1/B2) visas between October 1, 2017, and September 30, 2018
In its new report, titled: “The fiscal Year 2018 Entry/Exit Overstay Report” it said these immigrants, who entered the United States legally, refused to leave the country after their visas expired.
The report also shows the numbers and rate of expected departures of foreigners, who arrived in the United States as non-immigrants through the air or sea port of entry (POE).
According to the report, 195,785 Nigerians that were given visas into the US were expected to leave ”within the above window.”
Of this number, Nigeria had 15.18 percent rate of overstay and a Suspected ‘In-Country Overstay’ rate of 14.81 percent.
The report also showed that Nigeria has no departure record for 29,004 immigrants; while only 719 travelers left the country after their visas expired.
President Trump, on April 11, ordered the Departments of State and Homeland Security to provide solutions to solve the surge of illegal immigrant overstay. According to the report, Mr. Trump said ‘attention’ would be given to countries that overstay abuse their business and tourist visas above 10 percent, on the Department of Homeland Security’s 2018 report.

Source (Premium Times, Wednesday, May 15th, 2019)

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