CYBERCRIME: Cybercrime and Future of World Economy.

President Muhammadu Buhari has called on world leaders to come up with proposals to create a digital world that is accessible, inclusive and safe to all while highlighting the danger portends by cybercrime, especially for developing countries.

The president, who spoke during the 2019 Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) in Dubai, which was themed “Mapping the Future of Foreign Direct Investment: Enriching World Economies through Digital Globalisation.” said that certain level of regulation is needed to preserve the integrity of the digital world.

He also said that digital globalisation is transforming the world almost every day, with innovations and ideas but warns that the cyber world, would continue to threaten the world if it remains unchecked.

He challenged world leaders to ensure that the digital space is inclusive, accessible and safe as cybercrime now poses a significant threat to global financial and trust systems, costing billions of dollars annually.

It is now clear to the world that no one country, regardless of its level of development, has the expertise and other forms of wherewithal needed to wage the kind of war needed to free the digital world of the unnecessary evil of cybercrime. Thankfully, Nigeria has taken the lead in cyber policing in West Africa, working with regional and global partners to ensure cybersecurity.



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