CYBERCRIME: 3 Nigerians, 4 Others Arrested For Hacking Into 2,000 Accounts in India

Cybercrime is a criminal activity that involves a computer network device or a network. While most cybercrimes are carried out in order to generate profit for cybercriminals. It is very glaring that criminals and fraudsters leverage the anonymity provided by the Internet to defraud unsuspecting victims. The fraudsters are fond of impersonating others and stealing their identities to perpetrate their acts, and take undue advantage to swindle their victims. cybercrimes are of different categories. They range from Yahoo boys and their 419 Internet frauds; hacking; software piracy; credit card or ATM fraud; denial of service attack; virus dissemination; phishing; cyberplagiarism; cyberstalking; cyberdefamation . Cybercrimes cannot be easily eliminated, but they can be minimised. The collaborative efforts of all stakeholders and government can help to nip the scourge in the bud.

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