Center Participates at NACS 2022-2026 Review Workshop

Organized by the Federal Ministry of Justice in collaboration with the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption (RoLAC), the workshop was to seek the inputs of stakeholders on the National Anti-Corruption Strategy 2022-2026draft document.

The review session was divided into three groups focusing on prevention, enforcement & sanction; public engagement & ethical reorientation; and recovery & management of proceeds of crimes.

The review session focuses on strengthening and enhancing the stated key areas in readiness for the implementation of the new framework. Areas such as the need to modify strategic goals, proper identification and segmentation of overlapping responsibilities of anti-corruption agencies, and timelines for the project in order to prevent a repeat of the challenges that characterized the first strategy were observed during the review process.

As a key player in the implementation of the first strategy, the Center hopes that there would be more coordination and inclusion in the implementation of the new strategy. The supervising Ministry must also embark on sensitization and ensure that there is wider public awareness of the strategy beyond the federal level to states and local government areas.

The Center looks forward to working with relevant stakeholders towards strengthening the anti-corruption environment.

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