Analytics for a Better World Fellowship: Center’s Research Lead Makes First Cohort of Data Science Practitioners from the Non-Profit Sector  

Out of over 340 applicants for the first cohort of the Analytics for a Better World Fellowship for non-profit practitioners, the Center for Fiscal Transparency and Integrity Watch’s Research Lead, Mukhtar Abdulhameed, has made the shortlisted 43 candidates.

Mukhtar Abdulhameed

ABW, an Amsterdam based think tank, believes in the role of analytics in finding solutions to the world’s big challenges of extreme poverty, climate change and inaccessible healthcare; and exists to support the non-profit sector with the same techniques in order to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.
Hence, the ABW intensive 8-week applied data science fellowship program is designed to support non-profits practitioners to amplify impact by promoting intrapreneurship with the teams, and equip the team with the right tools and techniques, and support them to co-design and co-create digital solutions for technical and organizational challenges.
Over the years, the Center has deployed technological and data solutions to solving societal issues, especially committing to improving transparency and accountability in the nation’s public service. The Center’s Transparency and Integrity Index (TII) is one of such data-driven interventions aimed at ensuring that public institutions comply with extant laws and international commitments on open governance.
The Center is therefore excited that our Research Lead has been selected for this fellowship as a result of the TII research and other data-inclined projects that we have executed. This fellowship and professional mentorship will enhance our use of data to solve everyday projects, especially as we hope to mainstream the TII as a tool for measuring public sector transparency and the fight against corruption on the continent given our strategic position as the sub-Saharan African representative on the Board of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) Coalition. 

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