depths of corruption
The Halliburton Case and Corruption in Nigeria

Look at this massive corruption between Nigeria leaders and their western collaborators and enablers. Then you hear western media attacking the entire Nigeria people as scammers and fraudsters when you have western corporation and bank executives facilitating corruption in Nigeria.

How to expose corruption
Peter Eigne – How to expose corruption.

Some of the world’s most baffling social problems, says Peter Eigen, can be traced to systematic, pervasive government corruption, hand-in-glove with global companies. In his talk, Eigen describes the thrilling counter-attack led by his organization, Transparency International.

depths of corruption
Depths of corruption

Corruption manifests itself in many ways, some subtler than others. From anonymous companies to bribes to unjust electoral systems, these talks take you deep into ethically murky territory … and offer bold ideas on what we can do about it.

depths of corruption
Stop the Bleeding – Curbing Illicit Financial Flows

“A global human society, characterised by islands of wealth, surrounded by a sea of poverty, is unsustainable.”
This quote from Thabo Mbeki, the former president of South Africa, concludes the recently released video “Stop the Bleeding– Curbing Illicit Financial Flows,” and for good reason.