About Us

CCFA is a Non- profit Organization geared towards educating the public of fraud and fraud related matters, which is aimed to protect individuals, private businesses and public establishments. The issues to be covered will include economic crimes and financial crimes such as fraud, money laundering, corruption, theft, stealing, racketerring etc.

Our Mission is to raise the level of awareness within the populace that will assist in prevention and deterring fraud and fraud related matters..

Our Strategy Involves Collating information using technology, sharing data and working in partnership with various stakeholders, to enable the sharing of data on fraud and fraud related matters and complement anti-fraud measures in place by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

CCFA enables the public to access expert advice, fraud data, resources, media events and training.

CCFA is engaged with various stakeholders which include Law Enforcement Agencies, Private sector practitioners and professionals from various sectors.

Our Values: Integrity, Objectivity, Technology and Collaboration.

Our History: Nigeria has in the last 30 years been mainly in the news for the wrong reasons. Its citizens are labeled in other countries as fraudsters, the country is viewed as very corrupt and institutions are tagged as inept dysfunctional, all due to economic and financial crimes. In order to complement the policies of the Federal Government of Nigeria, we, a few professionals with relevant experience decided to form the Center for Counter Fraud Awareness.

CCFA is an independent NPO and solely operates for public interest. Any finance received is ploughed back into the organization to improve in achieving our objectives.

Board of Trustees

Advisory Council

  • Foluso Ladeinde, Ph.D.
  • Abdulsalam S. Abidemi (Ph.D.)
  • Bala Sanga