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73 INTERNET AUCTION FRAUD When a victim pays for goods on an internet auction site that never arrives, or if they do arrive will be totally different from what was paid for, or the victim discovers that the goods are fake. Report to:
1. Nigeria Police Force
74 INVESTMENT FRAUD This occurs in the stock market. Where investors are deceived into buying stocks based on false information of the state of the commodities, given to them by the marketers. Report to:
1. Securities and Exchange Commission
2. Nigeria Police Force
3. Economic and Financial Crimes Commission
75 INVOICE SCAM This occurs when a company or individual is sent an invoice note or bill by bogus business asking them to make payment for goods and services they didn’t order, or even if they ordered, the invoice sent is fake and not from the business they made the order. Report to:
1. Nigeria Police Force
75 JUJU SCAM Here, fraudsters take a victim to a shrine usually in remote villages to see a priest, who consults a spiritual force to receive instructions on how to solve the victim’s problems. The victim is asked to pay a certain amount of money for either cleansing or purchasing of certain items. The victim is also asked not to discuss such encounters with anyone. Report to:
1. Nigeria Police Force
76 LAND BANKING SCAM When fraudsters obtain from victims by misrepresenting to them as to the true nature of things. Here small plots of lands are advertised and sold as investment opportunities. The fraudsters inform their victim that once certain things are done the land can be sold at greater prices when in reality this is not true. Report to:
1. Nigeria Police Force
2. Federal Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development
3. State Ministry of Land